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If the desired vehicle(s) could not be found in the portfolio feel free to provide us with your specific requirements under "Purpose / Job description" in the form below along with the other information requested.

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    1. How to request one or more vehicles for a production or event?

    Use the „Search“ area to look for the vehicle that suits your needs and simply add it to the request list. If you are interested in different vehicles or your purpose requires several different vehicles simply add more vehicles to the list. Afterwards proceed to the application form (by pushing „Request“ in the header) where all selected vehicles will be shown and further information will be enquired.

    2. How much does this service cost me?

    Absolutely nothing! The advertisement of vehicles and the search through prospects is completely free of charge. We only charge a commission in case of a successful booking. Please see our “terms & conditions“ (GTC) for details.

    3. Why does the request require to disclose so much information?

    The more details given the lower the amount and time of back and forth communication. Also we want to prevent all of the involved parties from experiencing nasty surprises at some point.

    4. What types of vehicles are available for rent?

    We strive to build a portfolio that contains pretty much everything from conventional cars and motorcycles to emergency vehicles and military vehicles to former commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.) and so on. We will also try to cover as many eras as possible.

    5. What if I do not find what I am looking for?

    No reason to worry – just get in touch and we will support with scouting the right vehicle(s) through our extensive network.