Portugal is not the most petrolhead friendly country in the world (ISV, IUC, gas prices, toll roads, …). So, why not make living your beloved hobby a bit easier. By „living“ we mean financing and by this we mean why not lend a classic, vintage, retro or sports car or motorbike (or basically any type of vehicle) to a commercial client in Portugal in order create some extra income. It’s actually fairly easy and applying only takes a couple of minutes…

Make your car a HERO!

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    Max. 4MB per photo; jpg or png; minimum resolution 1050 x 700 pixels; regarding motorbikes and scooters it is legitimate to upload the same picture multiple times in order to reach the minimum amount of 4 images

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    1. What is a „HERO“ car?

    When it comes to movies it is the principle car from which all clones will be modelled.
    The hero car is usually more carefully assembled, it might have a better paint job, a cleaner interior or shiny engine mods that could be shown off on camera. This car is often used for shots where the actor will be driving it. Most interior shots are done inside this car. It’s the prettiest and most complete version of a car used and will not be involved in stunts or any other high risk scenes.

    By choosing this name we want to transmit the message that your vehicle will be treated with the greatest care and respect on set.

    2. Is my car special and pretty enough to be featured on this platform?

    Let us make one thing clear – we are not looking for so-called hyper cars or concours-quality cars. We are looking for special and authentic cars in original, restored or even modified condition. Authentic and charming can be everything from a still running, but rust-bucket-like VW Beetle of whatever age, a nicely aged patinated Porsche 356 or a freshly restored Mercedes-Benz W123 sedan.  More importantly than age and value is the soul of your vehicle. If your beloved car is a modded post-2000 Nissan GTR, Ford Mustang or Porsche 911 GT3 that also absolutely suits our needs. So, don’t worry and give it a shot and send us your application – you have nothing to lose!

    3. Is it solely cars I can register?

    Absolutely not! Think outside the box – you can register anything from motorbikes (in original condition or fully customized) over stretch-limousines or school buses and fire trucks to military vehicles and so on – submit anything you think might be interesting for film/photo productions or events.

    4. How much does this service cost me?

    Absolutely nothing! The advertisement of vehicles and the search through production companies is completely free of charge. We only charge a commission in case of a successful booking. Please see our “terms & conditions“ (GTC) for details.

    5. How much money can I make by renting out my car?

    Rental prices vary depending on the type of vehicle, availability, age and condition. Before the car is published on the platform we will determine a basic rental price with the owner. Typical rates are around € 300 (mainly half-day usage), but can also exceed € 1.000 per day.

    6. How does my vehicle get to the location?

    Depending on the location, start/end of the production/event and distance to the vehicle’s home location we will personally discuss this with the vehicle owner. The vehicles are usually brought in and picked up by the owner or an authorised person. Other vehicle transport solutions can be: collection, delivery and return by HeroCarPortugal representative or via service provider on open or closed trailer. The expenses for transportation are borne by the production company.

    7. Who will operate the vehicle on set?

    The owner can choose between 4 scenarios when it comes to moving the vehicle:

    • Owner or their representative only
    • HeroCarsPortugal representative only
    • Actor/model/production staff member (after being briefed by owner or their representative or HCP)
    • Actor/model/production staff member while owner or their representative or HCP is on set

    8. How is my beloved vehicle protected?

    Appropriate insurance is the reason why our services are limited to commercial purposes only, i.e. rentals for private purposes (e.g. weddings) are not feasible.

    On set, the vehicle is insured through a (props) property insurance.
    During transportation the vehicle is insured through the haulage company.
    In case HeroCarPortugal does collection, delivery and return the vehicle is insured through HCP.

    The vehicles are insured according to their intended use in the amount of the specified replacement value.

    9. Can or should the owner stay with their vehicle on set?

    Well, there is pros and cons to this topic which should be pondered for every request.


    • if you never participated in a photo shoot or film production it might be an interesting and fun experience
    • you can make sure that your beloved vehicle is treated the right way
    • some vehicles tend to be a real diva (requiring special tricks to function properly), if your vehicle is that type it’s better for everyone involved that you accompany the vehicle


    • HeroCarsPortugal is addressing international clients, i.e. communication in English is mandatory
    • schedule and timetable changes are a common thing in the production industry, even last-minute cancellations can happen – while the vehicle owner will receive default payments in certain cases that won’t give you back any vacation days you might have taken for being able to accompany your vehicle
    • production days can be very long (often more than 8h) and involve hot sunny days as well as stormy rainy days
    • production teams will not always provide food and drinks – so, better be prepared

    Extraordinary vehicles such as stretch-limousines, buses and trucks always have to be accompanied by their owner or any other trustworthy representative chosen by the owner!

    10. How heavily is the vehicle used during the job?

    This depends on whether the vehicle is requested as a standing or moving prop. The request by the production company will provide a detailed description of the planned usage and we will share all details with the vehicle owner before providing any quotation. The vehicle owner always reserves the right to deny the usage for certain purposes before a booking is finalised. Always keep in mind we are providing hero cars not stunt cars!

    11. Can I really trust the people that I hand over the keys to my vehicle?

    HeroCarsPortugal is working with professionals only, to ensure the vehicles are handled and protected/insured in the best possible way. Large productions teams do have staff members that do nothing else but handling vehicles all day long. However, we understand the concerns of vehicle owners since the person running HCP himself is finical with handing over his keys to other people. He is extremely sensitive to scratches and any other type of imperfections regarding all his possessions not just cars and motorbikes. So, who else can be a better guardian for your beloved vehicle but him. Besides this HCP is always open to meet with the vehicle owners to get a better feeling and understanding of each other.